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Leftover Pandoro cake – complete recipe

leftover pandoro cake

After the Christmas holidays, we have extra panettone and pandoro we don’t want to waste. A cake is a great idea to use leftovers and eat pandoro in a fresh and tasty dessert.

This cake is really quick and easy to make and allows you to “recycle” pandoro leftovers in an original way.

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Chocolate chip muffins

200 g raspberries or or (other wild berries or diced fruit or chocolate chips) 200 g flour 120 g sugar a pinch of salt 2 tea-spoons of yeast 50 g peanut seed oil 1 egg 80ml milk 80g yogurt grated lemon zest

Muffins are one of those sweets that you just can’t give up. They work perfectly with a cup of tea or as a tasty after dinner.

With a short ingredient list and only a few key steps, muffins are ready within minutes: you just need a bowl and a spatula to mix the ingredients.  You can add different types of fruit to the batter, like blueberries, blackberries or raspberries, or you can make it even more delicious by adding some chocolate chips Continue reading Chocolate chip muffins

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How to use the micro-perforated ring (a complete guide and recipe)

micro-perforated ring

Modern pastry is now oriented towards clean lines and elegant, minimal and geometric decorations. For a precise and beautiful presentation, you need plenty of experience and above all the right equipment.

Among the various modern recipes, there are new tarts with perfect looking pastry shells: straight and regular edges filled with soft creams or layers of mousse and bavarois. The micro-perforated rings are necessary for a homogenous baking because they allow the shortcrust pastry to adhere perfectly and not to break during cooking so that the shells mantain an even and clean form.

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Tart with limoncello cream and amaretto

The tart with limoncello cream and amaretto is a delicious cake but also very easy to prepare.

A base of shortcrust pastry flavored with limoncello, combined with a delicate cream flavored with lemon and limoncello, with some crumble of amaretto, they create a perfect pie for a snack with a cup of tea. Continue reading Tart with limoncello cream and amaretto

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Brown rice noodles

Spaghetti di riso integrale

How about an oriental recipe, simple and tasty? Try the brown rice noodles sauteed with vegetables and shrimp.

Using simple ingredients such as peppers, carrots, Chinese cabbage, mushrooms and shrimp and jumping in the pan, in a few minutes you can get a tasty sauce in which to blow your nodles, previously put to boil in hot water. Then add soy sauce, fresh ginger and brown sugar.

If you advance the brown rice noodles, you can save and bring them with you for a unique and special lunch break, using our thermal lunchbox Mediterrano. Your brown rice noodles will remain hot and delicious as freshly made.
For the full recipe visit the blog In cucina con Amore e Fantasia