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Zuccotto with strawberries

zuccotto with strawberries

Zuccotto is a typical Italian semifreddo. A delicate and simple no-bake dessert.

Zuccotto doesn’t require cooking, except for the preparation of condensed milk. And with some sweet and juicy strawberries, how could you possibly resist?

Zuccotto can be prepared beforehand and stored in the freezer. Just remove it an hour before serving and leave it at room temperature, so it becomes soft and creamy.

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Stuffed tomatoes with steamed rice, avocado and shrimps

Stuffed tomatoes with steamed rice

Stuffed tomatoes is a versatile recipe you can serve both as an appetizer or as main course.

Stuffed tomatoes is a light and refreshing summer dish you can easily prepare. Try them with steamed rice, shrimps, lime and avocado: a healthy and delicious combination! Continue reading Stuffed tomatoes with steamed rice, avocado and shrimps

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Spaghetti alla chitarra


Do you know how to make spaghetti alla chitarra? You just need 2 ingredients and the right frame: the ‘chitarra’.

In no time you will prepare some excellent spaghetti alla chitarra. They are delicious both with a simple tomato sauce and more elaborate sauces with fish or meat.
Spaghetti alla chitarra is a typical variety of pasta from Central and South Italy, with a square section about 2-3 mm. Usually, it is prepared with durum wheat flour and eggs but in some recipes, eggs are replaced with water.
The essential tool is the frame called chitarra (guitar, because it looks like the musical instrument):  a simple horizontal wooden frame with a series of parallel wires and a diagonal tray positioned at the base.
A recommendation: this variety of pasta tends to dry quickly, so if you don’t intend to cook it right away, put it on a pasta hanger, then store it in the refrigerator up to 3 days or in the freezer.
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Pan loaf

pan loaf

For excellent breakfast toasts or appetising canapés, this pan loaf will be useful in more than one occasion.

Homemade pan loaf might seem impossible to prepare. Contrary to popular belief you just need the right tools and you will bake a fragrant loaf. Prepare it during the weekend and, once it’s cold, cut it in slices to keep in the freezer. In the morning, heat a couple in the toaster and you will immediately have a loaf as fragrant as just made. Once you taste it, you won’t buy it again! Continue reading Pan loaf

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Polenta with porcini mushroom sauce


Polenta is one of the most appreciated winter dishes. Bringing a nice wooden board of steaming polenta to the table is the best way to brighten up any cold and drizzly day!

The preparation of polenta is not difficult or even particularly laborious. It requires three tools: a copper pot, a wooden chopping board and a knife, also made of wood.

Polenta is made of corn meal and it usually needs one hour of cooking with a water ratio 1:4 (100g flour -400ml water). To avoid any lumps, stir it constantly and add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.

Once it swells and makes a ‘puff’ sound is ready! Serve the steaming polenta wrapped in a clean wet towel on a wooden board and with some porcini mushroom sauce. We suggest dried mushrooms because they have a stronger flavour and are available all year long.

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How to prepare a perfect tart

decorative grill for tarts

Tart is one of the most appreciated desserts by adults and children.

Simple ingredients that magically create a fragrant shell filled with jams, hazelnut cream, custard or fruits. A dessert that makes every palate agree: from the simplest to the most refined. Continue reading How to prepare a perfect tart

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Kaiser rolls

bread stamps

Do you know Kaiser rolls? The Tyrolean bread rolls that look like a rose, a turtle or a spiral? Have you ever wondered how to bake them at home?

This recipe requires an indirect dough (or two doughs). Therefore we recommend to knead the biga in the afternoon and make the final dough the following morning.

Use our bread stamps to create truly unique shapes. Roses, spirals or turtles, which one is your favourite?

Here’s how to use our bread stamps step by step:

Stampo pane girellaSpiral bread stamp

14,50 €

Stampo pane originale
Turtle bread stamp

14,50 €

Forma pane kaiser
Rose bread stamp

14,50 €

Below you can find the recipe of Verdemelissa

Ingredients for 13 rolls:

For the biga:

  • 100g strong flour
  • 45g water
  • 1g fresh brewer’s yeast
For the final dough:
  • biga
  • 600g stone-ground strong wheat flour
  • 18g fresh brewer’s yeast
  • 14g salt
  • 4g malt
  • 30g extra virgin olive oil (or lard)
  • 300g water

How to prepare biga:
Combine the ingredient but be careful not to overmix the dough: it shouldn’t be too tied. Leave to rise for 15-18 hours at 18 degrees

The following morning:

  1. Place the biga, the yeast, the flour, the malt and the water in a stand mixer with the dough hook attachment and turn it on at medium high. When the dough begins to form, add the remaining water and the oil (or the lard) and knead until the dough forms a smooth and elastic ball. Let the dough rest for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Divide the dough into 80g pieces. Arrange them on a work surface and leave to rise at room temperature for about an hour.
  3. Mark the dough with your favourite bread stamp and leave to rest for at least 20 minutes with the stamped side face down.
  4. Flip the roll, brush the stamped side with some water and pass it in the seeds (in this case sunflower and linen) pressing gently to let them adhere.
  5. Put a bowl of water in the preheated oven and bake at 230°C on refractory stone for about 20/25 minutes.
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Crumbled potatoes with ham and scamorza (recipe video)

Crumbled potatoes

Crumbled potatoes with ham and scamorza is a delicious and kid-approved recipe, even by the pickiest one.

Our version is prepared with cooked ham and scamorza but you can fill it with any kind of cheese and cold cuts. Serve it with some fresh vegetables and you’ll have a balanced and easy dish. Continue reading Crumbled potatoes with ham and scamorza (recipe video)

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Pepperoni and potato quiche

pepperoni and potato quiche

Pepperoni and potato quiche is a delicious time-saving recipe.

Perfect for a cold buffet, a picnic or as main dish, this recipe is very simple. Line a baking tin with puff pastry, cover it with an egg, cream and grated cheese mixture and fill it with your favourite ingredients.

Our version with pepperoni and potatoes is full of flavour, colourful and also time-saving. Ideal when you don’t have much time (or desire) to cook.

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