Knives & cutting Boards

A chef may come to your home to cook or he may come to work in your restaurant, but he will always carry his bag with his own knives.

Easy to say knife: there is the French and the Danish, the one for slicing, for slaughtering, for filleting fish. The boning knife, the meat cleaver.
Then the knife for the roast, for bread, for salmon and for the ham. The sickle and paring knife. The oyster opener and chestnut cutter.The sushi knives can be found in the “I love sushi” section.

If there is a knife, there is also a cutting board.

In wood for domestic use or for table service. In polyethylene for the professional kitchen.

We divide the graters into two categories: those with four multifunctional sides and those for a sprinkling (abundant) of Grana Padano or Parmigiano Reggiano on pasta.

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Showing 1–50 of 98 results