Who we are

We have an experience of twenty years in different category sectors

We have always sold housewives from Alessi, Sambonet, Legnoart, Barazzoni and other small companies in our area on Ebay and Amazon.

Articles that we have shipped to thousands of customers around the world.

With the advent of large television productions dedicated to food such as Masterchef or Bakeoff, we decided to open this site to offer cooks and to amateur pastry chefs the equipment and tools they use professionals.

We started collaborations with large companies in the ho.re.ca sector (hotels, restaurants, catering) such as Paderno and Piazza Effepi to populate offers on our site.

With ours surprise the customers are not only private but hotels, bars, restaurants, B&B, catering services that we thought we would prefer to use others channels for their purchases.

We would like to just communicate to the professional users we have a much more available than what appears on the site and what we have the possibility of offering stocks, end series and second choices for a additional savings.

Our product offer is constantly increasing and we are currently selecting other suppliers to expand the offer of items from buffets, shovels and accessories for pizzerias, oven and ceramics table.

Contact us for requests and information.