Wok, ethnic cuisine and other pots

For most people, the wok is only suitable for “stir-frying”, but in ethnic cuisine it is used for steaming, stewing, braising, smoking and frying.

In our shop you can find the original woks with a hemispherical bottom and those with a flat bottom that are more suitable for our gas and electric stoves. Adapter rings and steel supports are also available.

The concave bottom wok pans allow frying with very little oil. The correct technique involves moving the food quickly in the wok and making it skip. This create the mixed flavor of deep frying combined with “stir-fried”.

The bamboo steamer is another typical tool of oriental cuisine. The the steam passes from one level to another and manages to cook food.

The basket rests on a pot into which the water is inserted. It is important that the bamboo steamer is perfectly compatible with the diameter of any of your pots: it must neither sink inside nor be larger

In our shop you will also find other pots typical of ethnic cuisine such as tawa pan and terracotta tureens.

The accessories, pliers, spatulas are available in the Accessories section

We have dedicated the special Terracotta section to clay pots and casseroles

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Showing all 30 results