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Soflex cake
leftover pandoro cake
Leftover Pandoro cake – complete recipe
After the Christmas holidays, we have extra panettone and pandoro we don’t want to waste. A cake is a great
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200 g raspberries or or (other wild berries or diced fruit or chocolate chips) 200 g flour 120 g sugar a pinch of salt 2 tea-spoons of yeast 50 g peanut seed oil 1 egg 80ml milk 80g yogurt grated lemon zest
Chocolate chip muffins
Muffins are one of those sweets that you just can’t give up. They work perfectly with a cup of tea
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micro-perforated ring
How to use the micro-perforated ring (a complete guide and recipe)
Modern pastry is now oriented towards clean lines and elegant, minimal and geometric decorations. For a precise and beautiful presentation,
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Peach and apricot cheesecake
Peach and apricot cheesecake
This peach and apricot cheesecake is the perfect cake for hot summer days. This no-bake cheesecake is easy to prepare
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Tart with limoncello cream and amaretto
The tart with limoncello cream and amaretto is a delicious cake but also very easy to prepare. A base of
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Spaghetti di riso integrale
Brown rice noodles
How about an oriental recipe, simple and tasty? Try the brown rice noodles sauteed with vegetables and shrimp. Using simple
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