Extra virgin olive oil




  • Area and producer Basilicata -Frantoio Oleario The Three Hills Agricultural Company F.lli Telesca- Pietragalla ( PZ) – Italy
  • Type extra virgin olive oil
  • Production campaign 2019 / 20
  • Altitude 300 / 600 meters hilly areas
  • Olive varieties Ogliarola, Fasoia, Frantoiana, Coratina
  • Traditional hand-picked collection system
  • Traditional crushing system, within 24 hours of harvesting, with stone grinds
  • Cold continuous cycle extraction system with inf.ri temperatures at 27 degrees
  • Storage environment In the dark, dry, in stainless steel containers
  • Bottling Only after triple natural decanting
  • Golden color, with green highlights
  • Light Fruity Flavour
  • Fluid Consistency Unfiltered
  • Acidity inf.re to 0.30 % of free fatty acids (maximum legal limit 0.80%) (*)


  • Favourable climate and terrain, in the hilly area 300-600 meters
  • The olives are hand-harvested directly from the trees, at the right degree of maturation.
  • Strict selection of olives of our territory of varieties Frantoiana, Ogliarola,Fasoia and Coratina : only healthy olives , and not affected by parasites
  • Processing within 24 hours of harvesting, frante with the traditional stone mole system, in our family mill
  • Cold squeezing below 27 degrees, optimal for obtaining a higher quality oil
  • Unfiltered, and bottled only after a natural triple decanting
  • Fresh storage in steel containers to preserve its quality
  • Low acidity : less than 30% of free fatty acids, on a legal limit of 0.80%.
  • This means that the olives used are in good condition, not affected by pests, or damaged in the collection or storage

(Source I.R.S.A.Q. Srl Power Lab. 0506 ACCREDIA last test date January 2020 )


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