Aluminum pans are used almost all in the kitchens of restaurants and canteens for their lightness and high thermal conductivity.

Aluminum pans advantages

The main feature of aluminum pans is the high thermal conductivity and the uniform distribution of heat, they also adapt to different cooking techniques.

Aluminum pans in contact with food do not affect the taste and flavor of ingredients.

Non-stick aluminum pans

Aluminum pans can be made with Teflon or Ceramic coatings.

A non-stick coated aluminum pan has the same characteristics of a raw aluminum pan with the added benefit of non-stick coating.

Attention, it is preferable not to use aluminum pans or pots to prepare tomato sauces, to cook tomatoes or other dishes with acidic substances.

The aluminum pots and pans are light and handy, easy to clean and quick to use in the kitchen. They are also 100% recyclable

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Showing all 27 results