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Polenta with porcini mushroom sauce


Polenta is one of the most appreciated winter dishes. Bringing a nice wooden board of steaming polenta to the table is the best way to brighten up any cold and drizzly day!

The preparation of polenta is not difficult or even particularly laborious. It requires three tools: a copper pot, a wooden chopping board and a knife, also made of wood.

Polenta is made of corn meal and it usually needs one hour of cooking with a water ratio 1:4 (100g flour -400ml water). To avoid any lumps, stir it constantly and add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.

Once it swells and makes a ‘puff’ sound is ready! Serve the steaming polenta wrapped in a clean wet towel on a wooden board and with some porcini mushroom sauce. We suggest dried mushrooms because they have a stronger flavour and are available all year long.

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