GiMetal – Round perforated pizza peel 2 pcs handle


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Round perforated pizza peel with divisible 2 pcs handle for reducing of total length
and the risk of damage during transport.
Flexible, extremely strong and light pizza peel.
For intense use (high performance).
Head – 33 cm. Handle 150 cm. Total length 186 cm. Weight 0,68 kg.
Head – 36 cm. Handle 150 cm. Total length 190 cm. Weight 0,73 kg.
Head – 41 cm. Handle 150 cm. Total length 196 cm. Weight 1,03 kg.
Head – 45 cm. Handle 150 cm. Total length 200 cm. Weight 1,14 kg.
Head – 50 cm. Handle 150 cm. Total length 207 cm. Weight 1,34 kg.
neutral aluminium anodised head and blue aluminium anodised handle.
The light and flexible head allows the scraper effect with appropriate ribbing that ensures resistance;
the neutral anodising makes the surface even and protects it against oxidation;
It has reduced weight compared to classic models, but is extremely sturdy with oval tubular handle
to favour stability.
The head handle joint consists in the overlay of the two elements
secured by three large rivets in line that guarantee safety and no movement,
in addition the absence of vibrations transmitted to the handle make it more comfortable to use.
Advantages of perforated pizza peel:
Maximum smoothness: the holes are beveled and rounded at the ends of the cut,
so that even the most moist dough flows smoothly.
Lightness: the perforated peel weighs less.
Less smoke: less flour burning means less smoke.
No more burning and bitter taste of pizza to taste.
Made in Italy.

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head 33 cm-handle 150 cm, head 36 cm-handle 150 cm, head 41 cm-handle 150 cm, head 45 cm-handle 150 cm, head 50 cm-handle 150 cm


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