Enjoy – Food Carrier Mediterraneo 2,4 L


Second choice item (not perfect flat bottom)


Food carrier, thermal container.
2,4L: 25,8 x 25,5 x 13,4 cm.
Colours: yellow, white with wooden colour handle.
Material: Lid with practical locking system + double -wall body in plastic material
with stainless steel inner liner (not removable) for a high thermal performance allowing food to stay hot/ cold for hours.

Details: The product is not leakproof. Not dishwasher safe.
Cannot be used to cook in the traditional oven or in the microwave For utmost thermal performance we suggest to pre-heat the inner part in stainless steel with hot water and to fill container in as much as possible.

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White-Wood, Yellow, White-Red, Red, White-Blue, Orange


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