Piazza – 5 stars Deep saucepan 1 handle


“5 stars” collection D. 16-20-24-28 cm
Cod. 090516/ 090520/ 090524/ 090528
uso professionale


Piazza Deep saucepan

Piazza Deep saucepan. Quality pot with long handle. Professional cookware.
It can be used on all sources of heat: gas, ceramic, hotplates, induction.
Material: insert of pot in aluminium; base in stainless steel.
Measurements: D. 16/ 20/ 24/ 28 cm; H. 11/ 13/ 15/ 18 cm.
Capacity: 220/ 410/ 680/ 1110 cl.
Features: high thicknesses (A Guarantee Of Long Duration). Strength. Resistance to wear and tear. Fine Finishes. Welding unbreakable.
Hollow and ergonomic handle, never reach the critical point of 40 degrees even when the water is at 98 degrees
Efficient and safe professional kitchen equipment.


Recommended for:

uso domestico Domestic use
semi-professionale Semi-professional use
uso professionale Professional use


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