Peugeot – Salt mill Oleron


Cod. 42663S14

uso domestico


Peugeot – Salt mill Oleron

Material: acrylicbeech wood
Measurement: h.14 cm
Colour: chocolate

Grinder mechanism for salt:
The mechanism is designed to grind cooking salt. It is made of stainless steel and
is not sensitive to salt corrosion.
Do not use with pepper or any other spice, with wet sea salt or flowers of salt.
To get the best out use salt with a diameter of 4 mm (3/16″)
Classic adjustable system: turn the nut.
Clockwise to obtain a finger grind, counter-clockwise to obtain a coarser grind.


Recommended for:

uso domestico Domestic use
semi-professionale Semi-professional use
uso professionale Professional use