Paderno – Food container in polypropylene with colour coded


Cod. 44627


Food container in polypropylene

Material: polypropylene
Material of lid: polyethylene
Dimensions: d. 23,21 cm x 19,56 cm – 3,8 l./ d. 28,28 cm x 26,86 cm – 7,6 l./
d. 37,08 cm x 20,51 cm – 11,4 l.
Features: semi-clear, stackable. Easy to read graduation marks.
Temperature range: from 2 degrees to 66 degrees.
Secure, leak-resistant lids (double-wall seal) with pull tabs.
The Color-Coded Foodservice System enables users to protect their patrons from food borne illnesses and allergens.
Prevents cross contamination when storing different types of food.
Dishwasher safe.


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