Paderno – Insulated container
CARGO-BOX with pads


Cod. 44985-00/ 44979-05/ 44979-02/ 44979-11

uso professionale


Paderno – Insulated container cargo box

Isothermal container, entirely made of closed-cell expanded polypropylene,
is ideal to protect food from mechanical stresses
and also from thermal stresses
thanks to the insulating properties of the expanded polymer
which has a resistivity coefficient of 0,039 W/mk.
It is light and free of protrusions and sharp edges
in order to guarantee the operators’ safety
during handling and transport operations.

Material: polypropylene; suitable for contact with food
Features: it does not hand over odours or flavours to foods.
Resistant, igienic, ecologic, 100% recyclable.
Easy to wash. Suitable for industrial washing and disinfection
with detergents and disinfectans, hot water,
and wet vapour up to a temperature of 110 degrees.

Measurements: 80 x 60 x 52 cm
Internal measurements: 68 x 46,5 x 38 cm

The extra strong box that complies with Europallet and Euroroll standards.

Pads (53 x 32,5 x 3 cm – GN 1/1):
– eutectic cold pad. Range: 0 degrees -> + 21 degrees
– eutectic hot pad. Range: 0 degrees -> + 85 degrees

Available the temperature regulation gel – 53 x 32,5 cm; h. 2 cm;  GN 1/1.
Range of temperature: – 18 degrees -> + 75 degrees


Recommended for:

uso domestico Domestic use
semi-professionale Semi-professional use
uso professionale Professional use


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