Piral – Terracotta stew pot with lid


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Pot with lid

It is an absolute classic pot of the cooking. It was born during the Age of Enlightment (over 300 years of history), but it seems coming out from a fairy tale kitchen. Its technical characteristics facilitate the cooking of soups, from the rustic to the most refines ones.
Material: terracotta
Measurements: d. 18 cm; 3,3 l.
Colour: red
Features: it can be used on the flame, on the electric plate and in traditional and microwave ovens. Dishwasher safe.
The terracotta is the best way of cooking as it blends and enhances the natural flavours of food and keeps the organoleptic properties unchanged.
Suitable for people aiming at healthy and balanced diets.
Piral terracotta amplifies and retains the heat: it allows a considerable energy saving due to the reduced consumption of combustible necessary to achieved the right cooking temperatures.
Piral pots at their best when cooking at low temperature, therefore the use of oil or fats is hardly required.
Made in Italy


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