Piral – Terracotta soup crock 6 pcs



Soup crock

This type of pan is appropriate to serve in single portion as well as for cooking.
It’s very versatility and doesn’t have any equal.
Exploiting the characteristic of terracotta, that can keep the cold, can be a viable alternative to serve ice-cream, fruit salad or sweets.
Material: terracotta
Measurements: d. 12 cm; 0,4 l.
Colour: red
Features: it can be used on the flame, on the electric plate and in traditional and microwave ovens. Dishwasher safe.
The terracotta is the best way of cooking as it blends and enhances the natural flavours of food and keeps the organoleptic properties unchanged.
Suitable for people aiming at healthy and balanced diets.
Piral terracotta amplifies and retains the heat: it allows a considerable energy saving due to the reduced consumption of combustible necessary to achieved the right cooking temperatures.
Piral pots at their best when cooking at low temperature, therefore the use of oil or fats is hardly required.
Made in Italy


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