Legnoart – Nutcracker


Nutcracker “Corylus”
Series Spicy
Design Federico Arquint
Cod. NC-1G/ NC-1P/ NC-1R/ NC-1W/ NC-1B

uso domestico



Legnoart – Nutcracker

Legnoart Nutcracker Corylus. Fashion kitchen accessory for house in modern style.
Nutcracker with “Soft touch” finishing with vase.
Colours available: green, violet, red, black, white.
Dimensions: h. 20 cm (inch 8″).
Great gift idea! Decorate you kitchen with other multicoloured flower vases:
pizza cutter, trivet, nutcracker, tabletop crumb sweeper.


Recommended for:

uso domestico Domestic use
semi-professionale Semi-professional use
uso professionale Professional use



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